And PCP. He could have been high

To get through. Deputy Fowler would only say that Lyle buy instagram followers was working a case and could not be bothered. Tor went out to plow the driveway. It was evening again by the time they saw the headlights of a car coming up the drive. Namasté ran to pull back the curtain. It's Lyle, she said. Before Lyle could knock, the door swung open. I need to speak with Ms. MacGilloway, Lyle stated in his Deputy voice. Lyle, please. I'm the one that called. What's been happening? Namasté pleaded. Lyle's face underwent a visible struggle. May I come in? The door was wide open. Warm inside air rushed out the open doorway. Yes, of course. Namasté shut the door. It appears that you were right, Namasté. I discovered evidence that links Toby Meadows to Louise Carpenter's death. Granted, these are cirstantial facts. Until Toby regains consciousness and can talk-- Regains consciousness? What happened? Maggie asked. Lyle sighed deeply. I called, but didn't make it over to the Meadows' last night. Apparently, Toby was asleep in bed so I decided to wait until this morning. When I went to speak with Toby, his mother told me that he had gone sledding with friends in River City earlier in the day. The friends hadn't seen him. He hadn't returned home any of the times I called Mrs. Meadows to check in today. Given the bad weather, his parents began to worry and insisted we send out patrols. We have only two deputies, plus Sheriff Blodger, and the weather was not cooperating, so it took us awhile to find Toby. His truck went into a ditch along a county road north of here. He slammed into a tree and sustained head injuries due to his not being buy instagram followers restrained by a seat belt. We're not sure how long he sat out there in the cold. He's currently in the ICU at Mercy Hospital in Des Moines. We found physical evidence in his vehicle that links Toby to Louise Carpenter. To Fennel. The room was quiet as they absorbed the news. You found her medicine, didn't you? Namasté breathed softly. I really shouldn't share that. I've already said more than I ought to, Lyle responded. Maggie, I need you to come with me. Loki sounded instagram angry. Why do you need Maggie? What's going on? TomTom asked, looking frightened. You'll need to wear your warmest clothing, Lyle instagram said, directing his comments and his gaze at Maggie. I don't understand. Please. You're the only one who can do this. Maggie buy instagram followers scanned Lyle's face for some indication as to what was going on. All she could read there was buy instagram followers extreme fatigue and a hint of something more, something that was clearly distressing to Lyle. Okay, I'll come with you. They did not drive into town. Instead, Lyle followed what seemed like an endless maze of county roads. None had been plowed well and it took them nearly an hour to reach their destination. A half mile ahead, Maggie saw the flashing orange lights of a tow truck. As they drew nearer, she noticed deep ruts in the snow leading off the road. Lyle's headlights reflected off the taillights of Toby's pickup in the ditch. Why did you bring me here, Lyle? I'm sorry to do this to you, Maggie. Can you step out of the car? Why? Please. Come with me. Lyle opened his car door and walked toward the truck in the ditch. Maggie got out and followed him. We'll be done here in a minute, Lyle called to the driver of the tow truck. Done with what?